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Galactica Vipers

Everything BSG, with a little more bite

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Yes, it's yet another BSG: 2003 community.

The difference here: As long as it's BSG-related, anything goes. Fic, icons, episode reviews, screengrabs, speculation, pointing out plot holes, you name it, it's on.

Useful Galactica References:

Ships of the Line - Edited and added to as new stuff comes to light.

Da Rules:

1. If you're based in the UK, or you've seen episodes in advance of America, be good and use the lj-cut tag for spoiler material, OK? Failure to do so will result in snark, most likely. And that would be bad. Funny for most everyone else, but probably not for you. The Viper part of the name is there for a reason.

2. Large images under an lj-cut also, please.

3. Crossovers, slash, femslash, gen, het, comedy, whatever, it's acceptable. ALL FICS must be lj-vasectomied. No exceptions. Don't whine if you don't like slash, or gen, or whatever, you've got the excuse then to skip past it. If you want honest feedback on said stories then say so. No attention whoring, please. It makes us sad.

4. Icons - feel free to post a couple as teasers, more than four and they go under the cut also. Cheers.

If this place isn't to your taste, there's always:

13th_colony - for BSG fans in North America

beyond_insane - for Starbuck/Apollo fans

bsg2003chatter - What it says.

bsg2003fics - Just like it says on the can.