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I met Katee! OMG! - Galactica Vipers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Galactica Vipers

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I met Katee! OMG! [Sep. 22nd, 2005|09:26 pm]
Galactica Vipers


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Hey, thought I should post this in this (and many other) communities,
about how I met Katee on a flight back from LA to Portland! 

No lie!  I sat behind her the WHOLE 2 hour flight back from LA to
Portland.  What are the odds???  Maybe God is just trying to
make me feel better after all the bad stuff that's happened.  But

So it started when we got to the airport, LAX, and we were in the
baggage dropoff.  I was just looking around, bored, when
WHA?  That dude looks familiar behind my dad in line.  My dad
was right behind me, oblivious, but I noticed the guy looked
familiar.  I thought, hmm, he looks like a guy on TV, or maybe
just someone's dad.   No, he really looks like that one
guy.  I turned to my mom in front of me, and pretended to ask her
about my nails, then whispered to her that he looked familiar. 
She glanced around, and then looked back at me bug-eyed.

"That's Beau Bridges!", she whispered.  I was in shock!  A
famous actor, checking his bags just like us?!  Wow.  I
didn't bother him, obviously he was trying to blend in, but it was cool
nonetheless.  I remembered he is now on SG1, which I don't really
watch, but hey, they film right next to BSG!  And he's so famous!

Later, I saw that he was heading over to the gate for the flight back
to Vancouver, Canada, where they film.  Which makes sense, because
he had his passport out.  My mom told me I should go look around
more, because who knows, other SciFi channel people could be heading
back on that flight too.  I giggled and said no.  Little did
I know how right mom was.

Our flight ended up being delayed, and I spent all my time playing
cards on my dad's laptop.  I didn't look around at all. 
D'oh!  But finally we boarded, and this is where it gets
good.  I'm tired, I'm bored, and I'm looking for my seat, row
21.  I look down the aisle and see a girl with blonde hair, so of
course I think, "haha, she looks like Starbuck.".  But I think
that about a lot of blonde people.  But then I looked at her again
and thought, no, she really looks like Starbuck.  I look down at
her arm, and there is the tatoo that all the fans know about. 
OMG.  It really IS HER!!

I passed her to put my bag up above, and, in shock, sit behind
her.  I leaned to my mom, and told her, "OMG!OMG!  It's Katee
Sackhoff!!!  It's Starbuck!!!!".  This makes sense, because
she lives in LA, and she's from Portland, so she would be going home to
visit her parents.  But OMG.  I was in so much shock.  I
suddenly scrambled in my bag for a pad of paper and a pen.  I had
to ask her!  I leaned over her shoulder and went:

"Excuse me...  uh, are you Katee Sackhoff??"


"Oh my god, could I be a total ass and ask for your autograph???"

She was SO totally nice!  She said "Yeah!", and asked if I wanted
it personalized.  OMG!!!!!  I told her my name, M-A-R-I-A-H,
and she wrote "To Mariah   XXOO KSackhoff".  I was SO
thrilled!  I mean, how often do you get to sit behind your
favorite star for a plane ride???  So then I told her that I had
to get one for my best friend Janis too, (you know, userinfoisis_uf )
and she made one with a smiley for her.  I told her how big of
fans we were, and how she was totally awesome, and she said
thanks.  I was so excited, I sat back down and oggled my autograph.

The dude next to her, (ok two seats away, the one inbetween them wasn't
taken) looked over to her and asked quietly if she was some kind of
star.  She leaned over and said, "Oh I'm on a TV show, Battlestar
Galactica.", very modestly.  Of course I sat in shock for the next
two hours, watching the back of her head.  Ok, I didn't watch her
the WHOLE two hours.  I watched the sunset too.  I'm not one
of those creepy-freakish fans that ask for the gum out of her
mouth.  (Yes, she said in an interview that people have done
this.)  But it was cool.

I can say she twirls her hair a lot, and drinks a TON of water!  I
saw her drink 2 liters, just on the plane!! O.O  I need to start
drinking water like that.  Not all the pop that I drink.  She
also watched LA Confidential on her iMac. No, I wasn't watching over
her shoulder, you could just see it from between the seats.  She
also looked at a lot of pictures on her laptop, her on the show, the
page from TV Guide of her kissing Apollo, and what I can assume were
new glamour shots of her in a red dress.  Very pretty.  I
think she was getting them ready to show her parents, because she
called them like 3 times on the plane.  Not in filght of course,
that's bad, but before takeoff, and after we landed.  She called
her "momma" a few times. <- her words.

Anyway, by the time we reached Portland I was past shock, and it was
all sorta surreal.  I mean some people wait in lines for hours to
spend 30 seconds with her, and I get 2 hours!!  Thank you
God.  So anyway, The dude next to her asked to take her picture,
and she happily obliged.  But other than that, it didn't seem like
anyone noticed this famous girl onboard.  I couldn't belive it.

Finally we landed, and since we had been delayed, they wanted everyone
to stay sitting, until people with connecting flights could get off
first.  They had like 10 minutes to get to their next flight to
Alaska.  (This was Alaskan airlines afterall.)  She got up
for a minute to stretch and said, "How easy would it be to just say you
had a connecting flight, huh?", she laughed and sat back down.  So
I got up and said, "Thanks for that autograph I really appreciate it.",
she was all sweet and said "no prob" or something, and I said,"Do you
think I could get a picture too?".  The was SO super nice! 
She said something like "yeah totally!" and leaned next to me so my dad
could take the photo.

OMG!  How cool is that???  I said thanks and sheepishly went
back to gather my stuff when she was like, "So what were you down in LA
for?", I told her I went to Disneyland, and she was like "Oh my god, I
LOVE Disneyland!  That was the first thing I thought when I moved
down to LA was that I could go to Disneyland anytime I want!", we all
laughed.  OMG! I am having a real conversation with Katee
Sackhoff!  And she's just as normal as you and me.

I knew this, but when you watch a show so much, the characters just
become god-like, and you forget that they're just people like you and
me.  Especially ones who grew up in the same town as you. 
She went on to tell me about how when she first moved down to LA she
broke her ankle, and her and her friends made it through Disneyland in
4 HOURS!  She said, "We got to go to the front of every line,
because I was in a wheelchair!  I was like, let's do it again!".

She told me that she just loved it down there, and I told her how I
wished I could live down there too, because all the rain here depresses
me.  She agreed, but she said sometimes she misses the rain. 
My dad told her when he lived there he couldn't see 5 blocks away
through the smog, but now it's not so bad, and she said "Yay! 
We're improving!".  She laughed a lot and was totally easy to talk
to. Like all the other people that I talked to from LA, she was like
"You should totally move down there", but man, it is SO
expensive.  She said she loved it though, and could never move
back to Portland permanently.

She said she was on vacation because she wasn't in "this episode" of
Battlestar, so she was going to go home, but her mom corraled her into
comming to Portland.  "She's going to put me to work.  She's
taking me to some lunch with her friends." she said.  My mom told
her how we saw Beau Bridges, and she was like "Oh yeah.  They film
right next to us!". How cool is that???!

All of this was like a surreal dream, I couldn't belive I was getting
to just talk to Katee.  But it was beyond awesome!  
Finally they told us we could get off, and I said thank you and she
thanked me too!  She was so nice, she said goodbye, and grabbed
her bags.  I was so happy!  As soon as she was out of
eyesight I was like, OMG!!!!  >happydance<  I am the
luckiest girl ever tonight!!

I saw her again at the baggage claim, but she had to go.  I think
she was taking a taxi, because on the phone she'd been going "No, no
mom, you don't have to meet me there, save yourself the 2
bucks.".  But wow, what a vacation huh?  I am so
happy!!  Of course I zoomed back home to tell Janis and Dan what
happened, and, as I thought, Janis shit a brick!  I gave her her
autograph, and we squee-ed about it all evening!

All this was just awesome.  Little did anyone know, they'd put
Katee on the cover of the Oregonian, at the top, on that very
day.  And then the next day, channel 8 news interviewed her,
showing her baby videos, highschool pictures and more.  But wow, I
felt like I was the luckiest one!  YAY!!!  I'm so totally
keeping the pic and autograph forever!!  And if Katee ever reads
this, THANK YOU!!  You rock!  And don't worry, I'm not one of
the crazy fans.  But nonetheless: AHHHHHHH!!!!!  XD


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